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I am passionate about my work, I stand out as a ‘Facilitator’, Advisor and Resolute.

I meet periodically with my clients, analyzing exploitation accounts, marking improvements, action plans, commercial policies all with an immediate search for solutions.

We help actively and at the moment before all the needs of our clients (invoices, budgets, subsidies, contests).

I maintain a constant attention to the changing laws and regulations, and thus be able to take advantage of them for the benefit of our customers, thus saving their money.

Without a doubt the new technologies help us to effectively manage all the correct procedures with the different official bodies.

We are social partners before the tax and social security agencies.

Julio Lorenzo – Colegiado 1264

Guild of tax advisors, accountants and business managers of Catalonia

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Our team is at your disposal

Gestoría G1, surrounds itself with the best professionals:

Juan Carlos Gregori

Fiscal Accountant

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  • Full compliance with our clients’ tax obligations
  • Fiscal reports
  • Management of fixed assets
  • Taxation and procedural matters, annual accounts

Maria Aina Bibiloni

Labour Manager
Homeowners associations

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  • Labour management, high and low social security, contracts, application of labour agreements, payroll
  • Quotation procedures, application of occupational risk prevention
  • Homeowners associations
  • Accounting

Antonio Luís Antich

Lawyer Colegiado 6326 del Icaib – Mediator

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  • Expert in Foreigners, nationalities
  • Traffic accidents
  • Dismissals, labour claims
  • Divorces, extinction of condominiums, regulatory agreements
  • Insolvency proceedings – Commercial
  • Civilian, debts
  • Criminal Right Immediate Defense
  • Preparation, adjustment of rental contracts, transfer postings, negotiation of agreements
  • Clauses covid-19, recisions

Tomasso Mangiapane


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  • Bilingual, bicultural

  • Responsible for Italian clients

  • Foreigner

  • Creation of companies and offshore

  • Autonomous

  • Insurance

Magdalena Capó

Labor Accounting Administration Officer


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  • Development and implementation of the general accounting plan
  • Labour Management
  • Management of opening, health and tourism licences
  • Administrative tasks
  • Government grants and subsidies

Katia Ventayol


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  • Comprehensive management of Allianz insurance
  • Mobile telephony, fixed fiber solutions SMEs with One Telecom / Orange
  • Save up to 30% on your electricity bill
  • Administrative documentation
  • Accounting

Elena Fuentes


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  • Comprehensive management of Allianz insurance
  • Mobile telephony, fixed fiber solutions SMEs with One Telecom / Orange
  • Save up to 30% on your electricity bill
  • Administrative documentation
  • Accounting

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Sara Gómez


Lawyer colegiada 5269 del Icaib, Junta directiva Jóvenes abogados, Spanish Association of Family Lawyers

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  • Contracts, civil liability, penalties, unfair terms
  • Real Estate Law
  • Successions – inheritances – donations – usufructs – wills
  • Civil law expert – Gender violence – immediate assistance
  • Advice to companies
  • Mortgages, personal income tax, multi-currency, land clauses, abusive interest
  • Franchises

Lucía Díaz Gonzaléz

Practicing Lawyer, collegiate number 4224 of the Illustrious Bar Association of the Balearic Islands

Bilingual Spanish/French

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  • Family and inheritance law,
  • Civil Law in general (Obligations and Contracts, Leases, Quantity Claims, etc.).
  • Immigration Law, Administrative Law in general.
  • Criminal Law, by virtue of the Diploma in Criminology.
  • Labor Law, Layoffs and Permanent Disabilities

Felip Amengual

Lawyer collegiate 2608 of the Illustrious Bar Association of the Balearic Islands. He has 29 years of experience as an active lawyer

Spanish /Catalan

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  • Civil law
  • Commercial Law, Expert in insolvency proceedings
  • Criminal law
  • Real estate law
  • Administrative law
  • Mediation
  • Banking Law

Natalia Tur Wood

Lawyer registered 6276 illustrious Bar Association of the Balearic Islands

Bilingual English/ Spanish

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  • Expert in Immigration
  • Nie
  • TIE
  • Card, community and non-community residence permit
  • Spanish nationality
  • expulsion order
  • Visas
  • Means
  • Family
  • Work
  • Students / aupairs
  • Golden visa

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