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      Financing is a loan of money that an authorized credit institution or company grants to a company, organization or individual.

      That is, it is the amount of money that is necessary to start or complete a project for the acquisition of property, business or activity.

      At Gestoría G1, we find quick solutions to your economic needs, and we have agreements with different financial entities.

      Discount reminder

      The bill of exchange is a means of payment issued by a natural or legal person, through which one assumes the obligation to pay, to third parties, a sum of money on a certain date, expressly indicated in the document.

      At G1. we study, without any obligation, all the operations of assignment of bills, we deliver a resolution and a proposal the same day.

      Invoice Discount

      The discount on invoices allows you to finance the collection of deferred payment invoices without having to wait for the corresponding bank transfer or check.

      Advance payment of invoices is a financing method that allows you to anticipate the collection of deferred amounts, without generating any kind of commitment for future transactions.

      The financed amount varies depending on the type of debtor and the duration of the operations and can be up to 100% of the nominal amount of the invoices.


      It is a financial process that burdens real estate to ensure the fulfillment of an obligation or the payment of a debt.

      We know this is a complex market, filled with hurdles to jump in order to make your dream come true.

      G1 studies the feasibility of your acquisition project, whether it is a house, a company, or a garage, it will receive 3 proposals with fixed, variable or combined interest.

      In addition, we accompany you throughout the duration of the project and also to certify the conditions before a notary.

      This management is an integral part of the pre-contractual phase up to the preparation of the signing, calculation of taxes, preparation of insurance and variations of the supply holders.

      Credit policy

      This is a transfer of a temporary loan right up to a certain limit granted by a financial institution, with the obligation for the policyholder to pay interest only on the amounts actually used and not on the entire credit granted.

      G1 has banking agreements to provide a quick solution for your needs.

      Personal loans

      G1 processes your loan requests, offering you the best market conditions. You will receive the proposals within 24-48 hours.


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