Transfers and import/export of vehicles, boats

We manage your documentation efficiently.

Transfers and import/export of vehicles

At G1, we process your transfer of a motorcycle, car, caravan, truck or boat, with the issuance of a certificate of change of ownership on the same day. In order to provide you with a quote, we need you to provide us with a copy of the certificate:

Seller’s data, buyer’s data, technical sheet, Spanish registration certificate if it is a boat, copy of your insurance policy.

We will send you a breakdown of the fees and an insurance offer from 15% discount.

Preparation of transfer contract

We formalize the legal contract for the purchase or sale of your vehicle or boat, we send you a copy and we constitute all the file, fees and telematic presentation to the DGT or the merchant navy.

Exchange of driving licences European Union/countries with agreement

Driving licences of residents in Spain that have been issued in countries with which there is an agreement can be exchanged for an equivalent Spanish licence, when a series of administrative requirements are met. In some cases it will be necessary to carry out additional aptitude tests in order to carry out the exchange.

If your permit is not from the European Union or the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and does not appear in the list of countries with which there is an agreement, you will have to obtain a new permit.

At G1, we bring you all your file for the approval, you just have to sign.

International driving licence

The Spanish driving licence authorises you to drive within the European Union and the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). Also by countries with which there is a bilateral treaty on traffic and transport.

At G1, we can carry out this procedure online, with payment of the corresponding management procedures and fees. You will receive your international driving licence at home within a few days.

Provisional certificate of change of holder

Once we have registered your transfer we will issue you a certificate with a validity of 15 to 30 days, so that you can drive or navigate with the documentation in order, we will call you later to pick up the final driving or navigation license, with an extra cost we can send it to your home by express mail.

Allianz Insurance with the best coverage at the best price

Being a customer of G1, is a direct benefit of discounts on our insurance policies with discounts from 15% to 35% * depending on the branch.

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Certification of the vehicle's condition

Before the purchase of your vehicle, we certify that it is in good condition, accidents, changes of owners or MOT in force.

Status of charges & fines

Don’t risk surprises, we check if the vehicle has any penalties or liens, such as credit charges, to certify a correct transfer.


If you add a supplement, interior or exterior, it must be approved according to current regulations, with the issuance of a new data sheet.

quote Itv

We get your appointment for the technical inspection of vehicles, if you can’t make it we offer you a service of revision of your vehicle by professionals and we pass in your name the technical control.


In order to register imported vehicles, you will first need to send us all these documents in pdf format of preference, and then provide us with the originals

As soon as we have your information we will send you a detailed quote and an insurance offer:

  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle (registration certificate or equivalent)
  • Certificate of registration in the case of a boat
  • Purchase invoice if available
  • Vehicle Technical Data Sheet
  • Certificate of European Conformity (COC) or the mandatory reduced form
  • Sworn translation of all car documents
  • Apostille of the Hague, if your document is issued in Spanish by a foreign country
  • DNI
  • Residence card or green NIE.
  • Certificate of registration
  • Tax registration in Spain

With this, you will have finished the process of importing the vehicle and will be able to enjoy it.

After a technical control, we will send you a provisional and definitive license plate.

This process takes an average of 30 days, provided that the whole file is complete.


Being a car registered in our country, and therefore, appearing in the vehicle register of the DGT or Merchant Navy,

In order to sell a car to anyone from a country other than our own, you have to carry out a definitive cancellation for export or Community transit, whether the car is sold to an EU country or to a non-EU country.

G1 handles all the steps to export your vehicle, or boat.


All you have to do is provide us with your ID card, vehicle/boat data sheet, registration certificate, receipt of municipal tax paid and we will take care of resolving and speeding up all the formalities, for the management of transferring your car, motorbike, truck.

In addition we offer you the best insurance in quality, coverage and price as Allianz insurance mediators. ( voir logo )

Our specialized team will manage your file and the management of the change of ownership.

The transfer of ownership of the vehicle, involves a series of steps with the General Headquarters of Traffic and Finance.



It is immediate, since the Gestoría issues a Temporary Permit to Circulate, with which you can circulate from that very moment. The Definitive Permit will be in a few days

In the case of individuals:

  • Purchase and Sale Contract (can be done at the Gestoría)
  • ID card of buyer and seller

In the case of company intervention:

  • Sales Invoice (in case you sell a company)
  • Company’s VAT number
  • ID card of the person who signs
  • Power of attorney

How long does it take to process ?

It is immediate, since the Gestoría issues a Temporary Permit to Circulate, with which you can circulate from that very moment.

The definitive permit will be issued in a few days.




  • We handle any 50 cm3 moped management at the moment.

  • We deliver provisionally from the DGT.

  • Traffic fees not included.



We carry out both the registration and the registration of your boat regardless of how it is acquired. You just have to choose the name of the boat. We will take care of the rest.

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