We are experts with 20 years of experience in these procedures.

Our commitment is to process and achieve your needs efficiently.

The administrative procedures on arrival in Spain...

When you arrive in Spain, you have the need to establish these administrative obligations in order to start working and become integrated in all legality.

Nie EU and non-EU foreigner identification number

Tramitamos con rapidez la obtención de su NUMERO IDENTIFICACIÓN de EXTRANJERO

It is a mandatory document for any procedure in Spain.

To buy your home, open a bank account (Gestoría G1, will make this management completely free) obtaining the social security number, opening your business as a self-employed or employer, registration with the tax office, exchange of driver’s license and other legal obligations *.

*All these steps are processed by G1 Management, Contact us.


We obtain / renew your EU, non-EU and Spanish tax resident card.

We also apply for the European Health Insurance Card

Our legal department has extensive experience and speed in these procedures.

WORK PERMITS / renewals

We obtain / renew your initial work permit, by marriage or settlement and long term renewals.

We also apply for the European Health Insurance Card

Our legal department has extensive experience and speed in these procedures.


We got her Spanish nationality.

By residence / marriage / letter of nature / Spanish origin of parents / possession of state / option / Sephardic origin.

In addition to the basic documentation* to consult, it is essential to have proof of constitutional and socio-cultural knowledge (CCSE) and the test of knowledge of the Spanish language (DELE) of the Cervantes Institute.


We manage to obtain your visa to come to Spain or invitation letter

Our lawyers have an agreement with the national police force, which authorizes these documents.


If you are a member of the EU and reside in Spain for more than 183 days a year, you are obliged to exchange your driving licence.

If you are a non-EU citizen, many countries have agreements for this exchange *.

We process and accompany you to pick up your new license

Opening a bank account

In agreement with Banco Sabadell.

We make your opening of expansion account free of charge, individuals / businesses / companies.

You will only have to sign the corresponding documentation, we will take care of everything.

IMPORT / EXPORT vehicles

If your vehicle has been in Spain for more than 183 days, you are obliged to change the registration number of your car, motorbike, truck, van or caravan.

If you have to bring your vehicle from another country of the European Union, for example the United States, we will supervise the whole process.

If you need to export your vehicle, we will prepare all the documentation for you.

Marriage, retirement, pensions and insurance...

Whatever your moment in life, Gestoría G1, will accompany and advise you in all your steps.


We handle your early retirement & retirement, as simulations.

If you work abroad, don’t worry, we will get your retirement merged with the countries that have agreements.

Ask for more information


In more difficult moments Gestoría G1, will facilitate all these procedures, as quickly as possible.

Our team of lawyers are experts in these procedures.

If you are a victim of a traffic accident, our advice is essential. Never accept offers from third parties or insurance companies, trust our professionals.

Please contact us.


In the Balearic Islands, as in Galicia, there are inheritance agreements with a significant tax reduction.

You can transfer your assets during your lifetime, several times if you wish, primary residence, secondary residence, shares, securities, companies, etc.

If you are a non-resident, you should consult us beforehand.

Our know-how will enable you to make significant tax savings in all legal matters.

Do not leave your loved ones without leaving them a will that makes clear your wishes. This procedure, from our point of view, should be compulsory so as not to leave your loved ones in a possible legal limbo.

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At Gestoría G1, we are official and licensed insurance agents, so do not pay more expensive to intermediaries, or over commissions to bank identities.

Deal with expert staff, clearly fast and efficient, do not pay more expensive or limit your coverage.

We carry out your insurance projects, in several languages, immediately with the best price / coverage.

Do not pay more expensive, call us.

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We offer you the first courtesy visit, we know that your expectations are high and deserve a response with professional efficiency.

Our team of lawyers, allows you full advice in any area, legal.

We are subject to professional secrecy and the codes of conduct of the bar association.

Apply now.

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Your fastest happiness, we prepare and accompany you in these important procedures

Achieve speed, through our management

This process by mutual agreement is fast and effective before a notary.

Contact our team

Opening a business or buying property...

Trademark registration, taxes, opening licenses, setting up a company or buying property, we are there every step of the way.


To be successful professionally is for us to lay the right foundation stone.

We analyze you, we advise you on the different options, the obligations, the aids as subsidies.

We are present in the whole process, denomination (possibility of registering your brand, commercial name), preparation of the corporate statutes, drafts, CIF, commercial register, digital certificate, census registration, creation of quotation account, in short…

We deliver your company turnkey, in less than 24 hours* (Operational).

Presence as professional members, before the notarial constitution, to certify its correct constitution.

We also carry out holdings, non-resident companies, foreign companies.

Your company in 24 hours, call us.

opening licenses, tourism, works, health, weddings

Our team has a high level of experience in these procedures, do not let time go by and do not expose yourself to possible sanctions

We process your licenses quickly and efficiently

Rent your home with an ETV holiday licence

Open up your business in the fullest sense of the word

Operate your hotel business with all permits and R, BC, H, etc. plates…

Carry out your works in legality, avoid demolitions or strong sanctions.

Commercialize food in all security, implant also the food security, alégrenos and data protection law.

With our associated professionals, we offer you a fast procedure of electric or gas OCA.

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Registration of trade name, trademark & patents

Creating your business is a matter of notoriety, think that a name or brand protects you from your competition, also avoid surprises of possible claims, certify your invention.

Have with a legal protection regarding the brand, guaranteeing you the exclusive right to use it to identify goods or services for a period of 10 years renewable indefinitely.

You can assign rights to a brand to third parties through license agreements.

By registering your trademark, you will hinder the attempts of unfair competitors to use similar distinctive signs.

You can take criminal action against third parties for malicious use and obtain the seizure of the counterfeit goods.

It also grants civil actions for damages for unauthorized use of your trademark.

In turn, actions or claims are granted to oppose an application for registration or to invalidate a registration already granted, so that the owner of a trademark registration has the possibility of preventing a third party from registering a similar or identical mark to his own for the same or related coverage

If you have not objected in time, you can also try to cancel a mark granted

Protection through trademark registration enables individuals and companies with skills and initiative to produce and market goods and services under the fairest possible conditions, thereby encouraging international trade.

Exclusivity with respect to the material on the register.

Security regarding not invading third party rights, since you are guaranteed that after an affirmative review no one else will be able to claim to use your trademark, since you have been certified as the exclusive owner of it.



  • These documents are the most recently published means of technological dissemination.
  • They cover all technical sectors with what is new, applicable to industry and relevant at the international level.
    They describe the invention clearly and completely.
  • Patent documents in any country have a uniform structure that allows easy extraction of the requested information.
  • They are arranged according to a unique classification system, the International Patent Classification (IPC), which allows the identification of patents by each specific area of technology. This mechanism, which facilitates the search for information through computer systems, makes it possible to access and retrieve patent documents, more efficiently and reasonably safely than if other search parameters were involved.
  • These documents generally indicate the name and address of the applicant, owner and inventor.
  • The latter is of greater interest when considered from a commercial point of view, i.e., to locate potential technology sources, to know the competitive environment of a market or to follow the activities of a particular company or, perhaps most importantly, to access a license.


Comprehensive management of your home purchase Spain

Without a doubt one of the most important steps, in Gestoria G1 we certify that your purchase is 100% legal

  • Drafting of the deposit contract
  • Urban certificate issued by our architect
  • City Hall check for non-illegality
  • Legal possibilities for reform
  • Energy certificate
  • Habitability certificate
  • Simulation of taxes, notary fees, registration and management fees
  • Draft of the notarial act
  • Presence of our team on the day of the signing
  • Change of water supply holder.
  • Electricity, telephone etc..
  • Preparation and settlement of taxes, expenses
  • Land Registry
Income tax & non-residents

We prepare your tax return within the established deadlines

We recommend never validate a draft of your rent knew that a significant % do not apply.

In Gestoria G1, we explain your rent, we explain its possible advantages to optimize your refund request.

If you have a property in Spain and you are a NON-RESIDENT, you have the obligation to make your rent every year, the tax agency requires the liquidation of the IRNR


A non-EU resident with a property with a cadastral value of e.g. 100,000 euros will have to pay 209 euros for IRNR 2019 before 31/12/2020 (100,000 x 1.1% x 19%).

If you are a non-EU national with a property with a cadastral value of, for example, 100,000 euros, you will have to pay 264 euros for IRNR 2019 before 31/12/2020 (100,000 x 1.1% x 24%).

Normally this does not result in very high amounts to pay.

Many non-residents are unaware of this tax obligation, and in view of this, they can be claimed for up to 5 years with penalties of non-presentation ranging from 50% to 150% of the amount of the settlement notified to them.

Do not expose yourself to risks, Gestoría G1 makes your tax returns and non-residents immediately.

Sworn translations in official documents

Professional quality

Our collaborators are sworn translators certified and endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We offer a high quality service that is perfectly adapted to the requirements of each client in any language.

We value your time very much, so we have devised a very efficient work system that reduces project delivery times. Our response time is between 24 and 48 hours. Do you need an urgent translation? Talk to us

Ask for an estimate without obligation


In agreement with One Telecom distributor ORANGE

We offer you professional rates with more advantages and discounts in any telecommunication need.

For your study we ask you to send us your expectations or last telephone bills.

We will be happy to carry out a savings study for you.

digital certificate / freelancers/ companies

We are an exclusive registration point for clients who are or will be self-employed or entrepreneurs.

We process, fulfilling serious requirements, the obtaining / renewal of your digital certificate

Consult your advantages

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In Gestoría G1, we process your digital certificate immediately with your presence.

Saving on your electricity bill

We will carry out a quantitative savings study with significant savings.

We manage the change of supplier / marketer free of charge.

Every year we will renew your contract with the best market offer

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