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Digital certificate procedure
  • Exclusive service for clients or future clients, such as freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  • With this digital certificate you will be able to access all telematic services, such as authorizing us as representatives.

Representative for Sole or Joint Administrator

Certificate of Representative of Entity without Legal Personality = self-employed and community of goods

What is the digital certificate ?

    • This is a digital document that allows people to be identified on the Internet.
    • It contains our identification data that are authenticated by an official body.
    • The digital certificate allows the electronic signature of documents in a way that ensures the identity of the person.

What is a digital certificate for?

  • The main advantage of the digital certificate is that it will save us time and money by allowing us to carry out administrative procedures over the Internet, at any time and in any place.
Open a professional bank account with no fees
  • In agreement with Banco Sabadell.
  • We make your opening of expansion account free of charge, individuals / businesses / companies.
  • You will only have to sign the corresponding documentation, we will take care of everything.
  • Census registration with the Inland Revenue
Census registration in the Treasury
  • We register your start of activity in the tax office, analyzing your expectations, as the best possible taxation by modules (objective estimate) *only for self-employed or accounting (direct estimate), we inform you of all obligations, as the language of each tax 111,115, 130, 131, 303, 20. 202 etc. so that our world is not unknown to you.
  • Social security registration
Social security registration
  • If necessary, we will create your social security number, including your
  • European Health Insurance Card
  • Your registration as a self-employed worker or a self-employed company worker is important because you can get a bonus* with a flat rate of 60 euros per month for 12 months. (this bonus cannot be applied for companies, at the moment).
  • We also explain what you are going to pay and what will be medical coverage, your rights, even a simulation of your retirement.
  • For your company we create your contribution account, so you can hire the staff.
  • In both cases we inform you of what your mutual insurance company will be and its advantages.
Processing bonuses/subsidies
  • We update daily for your benefit
  • Our team specializes in applying all the existing bonuses in different areas.
  • Non-refundable aid, for the start up of entrepreneurial projects, available according to town halls, local or regional administration and chambers of commerce.
  • We process all the subsidies available at a state level.

Customized Business Plan
  • The study of viability, profitability is a basic in our trade, essential when setting up a business, this must be a living document, updated daily to know their needs for personnel costs and income to perform.
  • It helps to clarify and focus the goals and objectives of the business.
  • Coordinate the different factors of a business that are necessary for success.
    It allows you to confront ideas with reality because the dynamics of the plan forces you to consider all the relevant factors of the business, without forgetting any of them.
  • Very useful tool to achieve the adhesion of key elements of the business: investors, suppliers, management team, etc.
  • Schedule of activities that allows to coordinate the accomplishment of tasks according to an established calendar.
    Business modeling that allows you to work with flexibility in the organization, by offering the possibility of making changes when some of the business factors undergo variations.
  • Control instrument that allows to detect deviations from the original plan, as well as to evaluate the progress of the project and adjust the plan according to partial results.
  • Benchmark/ephemeris for future plans for new projects that appear as the business evolves.
Commercial policies, action plans

What is trade policy?

The commercial policies of a company are the rules established by the business, to define the marketing strategy, ways of acting and customer relations.

These policies consist of the formalization of all the techniques, tactics and decisions taken for the commercialization of the products and services of the organization, to achieve the objectives set.

Some of the key points of the commercial policies are price, distribution and communication.

The commercial policy is a fundamental area for the correct functioning of the company, since the results of our company will depend directly on it.

However, decisions cannot be taken in isolation, but must be aligned with the company’s general strategy.

We must bear in mind that, for example, commercial policy cannot establish prices below cost, since no matter how much you sell, you will not make a profit.


Characteristics of an action plan

Any action plan must contain the following descriptions and specifications:

  • Analysis: includes an analysis of the situation and the needs to be addressed.
  • Objectives: defines the specific goals it aims to achieve.
  • Activities: describes the actions, tasks and strategies to be implemented.
  • Responsibilities: assigns and distributes tasks and responsibilities.
  • Resources: determines the resources that will be necessary for its implementation, as well as its distribution.
  • Deadlines: has a defined duration, i.e. a beginning and an end.
  • Indicators: determines the management indicators that will be used for monitoring and evaluating the process, as well as for decision-making.
  • Adjustments: Since this is a work in constant development and evolution, the necessary changes or corrections will be made as the process progresses.
  • Our team has a high level of experience in these procedures. Don’t let time go by and don’t expose yourself to possible sanctions.
  • We process your licenses quickly and efficiently
  • Rent your home with an ETV holiday licence
  • Open your business with us in full force and effect.
  • Opening licence
  • Building licence
  • Health licence
  • Tourist license
  • Vacation rental license
  • Food security
  • Allergens
  • Food handler permit
  • Data Protection Act
  • Prevention of occupational risks
  • Security plans
  • Audits
Commercial, accident, medical leave and civil liability insurance

Optimal protection is essential for your business.

At Gestoría G1, we are official and qualified insurance agents,

  • Don’t pay more to intermediaries, or overcharge bank identities.
    Deal with expert staff, clearly quickly and efficiently
  • We insure your business with all the essential coverage, we process any claim directly, without intermediaries and you will be fully informed of the progress.
  • We know that as a self-employed, entrepreneur your business can not stop if you have an accident, therefore we offer an insurance with daily compensation from 30 ? to 60 ?, in addition it is a 100% deductible expense.
  • We offer a la carte liability insurance with coverage up to 900,000 Euros, covering compensation for damage caused by a certain professional activity, whether this damage was caused by the entrepreneur himself or by any other person who depends on him.

Our audit company provides a comprehensive audit service to each client that requires a mandatory or voluntary audit.

In collaboration with prestigious firms, it will allow us to identify the best opportunities for our clients, minimizing possible risks and obtaining a quality audit,

These audit services are, in addition to the traditional audit, those related to the adaptation to the International Accounting Standards, Permanent Financial Advice,,

The audit focuses on accounting, financial and tax statements, etc

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Creation of the contribution account
  • For your company we create your quote account, so you can hire the staff
  • Being able to hire personnel, according to the labor agreement, adhere to the mutual work, delivery of boats and parts of assistance in case of accident.
  • The workers will contribute from the 1st day their rights, unemployment, retirement
Agreement with the mutual insurance company

We choose the best mutual insurance company for you according to your professional field. The cost of the mutual insurance company is included in the company’s social security contributions.

Mutual Collaborators with the Social Security are private associations of employers constituted by means of authorization from the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and registration in the special Registry dependent on the latter, whose purpose is to collaborate in the management of the Social Security, under the direction and tutelage of the latter, without any profit motive in mind and assuming their associates joint responsibility in the cases and with the scope established in this law.

The Mutual Collaborating Societies with the Social Security, once constituted, acquire legal personality and capacity to act for the fulfilment of their purposes. Their scope of action extends to the entire territory of the State.

The purpose of the Mutual Insurance Companies collaborating with the Social Security is to carry out, in collaboration with the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, the following Social Security activities

The management of economic benefits and health care, including rehabilitation, included in the protection of the contingencies of work accidents and professional illnesses of the Social Security, as well as the activities of prevention of the same contingencies that the protective action dispenses.

The management of the economic benefit for temporary incapacity derived from common contingencies.

The management of benefits for risk during pregnancy and risk during breastfeeding.

The management of economic benefits for cessation of activity by self-employed workers.

The management of benefits for the care of minors affected by cancer or other serious illnesses.

Other social security activities legally assigned to them,

Implementation of collective agreements

Choosing the right labour agreement is a labour obligation according to the autonomous community, and in many cases the SMI, minimum interprofessional wage cannot be applied if the collective agreement of the guild is higher.

In addition, we explain all its contents so that you know your rights and obligations.

It is subject to labour inspections, where possible fraud can be strongly sanctioned.

With Gestoria G1, you will not take any risk,

Registration of brand / trade name

Creating your business is a matter of notoriety, think that a name or brand protects you from your competition, also avoid surprises of possible claims, certify your invention.

Have with a legal protection regarding the brand, guaranteeing you the exclusive right to use it to identify goods or services for a period of 10 years renewable indefinitely.

You can assign rights to a brand to third parties through license agreements.

By registering your trademark, you will hinder the attempts of unfair competitors to use similar distinctive signs.

You can take criminal action against third parties for malicious use and obtain the seizure of the counterfeit goods.

It also grants civil actions for damages for unauthorized use of your trademark.

In turn, actions or claims are granted to oppose an application for registration or to invalidate a registration already granted, so that the owner of a trademark registration has the possibility of preventing a third party from registering a similar or identical mark to his own for the same or related coverage

If you have not objected in time, you can also try to cancel a mark granted

Protection through trademark registration enables individuals and companies with skills and initiative to produce and market goods and services under the fairest possible conditions, thereby encouraging international trade.

Exclusivity with respect to the material on the register.

Security regarding not invading third party rights, since you are guaranteed that after an affirmative review no one else will be able to claim to use your trademark, since you have been certified as the exclusive owner of it.


  • These documents are the most recently published means of technological dissemination.
  • They cover all technical sectors with what is new, applicable to industry and relevant at the international level.
  • They describe the invention clearly and completely.
  • Patent documents in any country have a uniform structure that allows easy extraction of the requested information.
  • They are arranged according to a unique classification system, the International
  • Patent Classification (IPC), which allows the identification of patents by each specific area of technology. This mechanism, which facilitates the search for information through computer systems, makes it possible to access and retrieve patent documents, more efficiently and reasonably safely than if other search parameters were involved.
  • These documents generally indicate the name and address of the applicant, owner and inventor.
  • The latter is of greater interest when considered from a commercial point of view, i.e., to locate potential technology sources, to know the competitive environment of a market or to follow the activities of a particular company or, perhaps most importantly, to access a license.

In Gestoría G1, we have extensive experience in these procedures, we explain and inform you of all the processes, contact us.

Legal assistance

We offer you the first courtesy visit, we know that your expectations are high and deserve a response with professional efficiency.

Our team of lawyers, allows you full advice in any area, legal.

We are subject to professional secrecy and the codes of conduct of the bar association.

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