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Before buying a home, certification by a professional is a guarantee.

We take care of an integral management.


Whatever your moment in life,

Gestoría G1 will accompany and advise you in all your steps.

Complete processing of your mortgage

We are certified financial advisors and have preferential agreements with the financial identities, best interest rate and agility in the procedures.

Cadastral certificate = 100% of the legal housing

Together with our architects, engineers and project managers,

we check and investigate that your home is legal with the issuance of a corresponding certificate, do not assume future demolitions or sanctions, trust our team.

Preparation of the notarial act

Before signing it is essential that you understand, all the small print, your obligations and rights, we advise you and translate all the necessary information, we answer all the doubts you may have.

Registration of the property in your name

After the purchase or sale, we have to speed up some important changes that cover your patrimony, we carry out all the managements completely, like the liquidations of fees.

Changes in electricity, gas, water, telephone, mobile phone, alarm, insurance supplies.

On the same day of the sale, we speed up the changes of ownership of basic services, electricity, water, internet, we also offer a home insurance with the best price coverage.

We will also make you offers from electricity or telephone companies so that you can save every month.

Preparation of your tax obligations if you are not a resident

As a non-resident, the seller must pay tax and land value appreciation,

In view of this, 3% has to be retained as payment on account and non-resident retention, the period is 30 days after the sale, for greater agility Gestoría G1, carries out with your confidence the liquidation of this tax retention and we worry about solving all your obligations only in 48 hours.

Do not expose yourself to sanctions, or in claims to third parties for not having presented these taxes.


Gestoría G1 certifies the transaction of your property,

At the fiscal level, capital gains, communities of owners and supplies.

We manufacture & certify

We provide you with the draft of the notarial deed, with all its elements for your peace of mind, to gladly meet your expectations.

We certify calculations of your capital gains, fiscal and cadastral.

Buy-sell contract, earnest money, call option

Buying and selling contract:

The purchase and sale is a consensual, bilateral, onerous and typical contract by virtue of which one of the parties agrees to give something in favor of the other in exchange for money.

Earnest money contract:

The deposit or earnest money contract, also known as advance payment, is a private contract where the parties agree to reserve the purchase and sale of movable or immovable property, giving each other a sum of money as a deposit.

Purchase option:

The paradigmatic contract in our Law, whose legal status serves, from a dogmatic point of view, to explain the general doctrine of contracts, is that of purchase and sale, regulated in articles 1445 and following of the Civil Code.

According to article 1445, by this contract one of the contracting parties undertakes to deliver a certain thing and the other party undertakes to pay a certain price for it, in money or a sign representing it. After alluding to the elements of the contract, the Code regulates its content, that is to say, the entire set of rights and obligations of the parties (seller and buyer), thus showing that we are dealing with the synallagmatic contract par excellence, that is to say, the one from which obligations arise for both parties in such a way that the obligation of one of them is the cause of the right of the other and vice versa.

Once these previous ideas have been established, we can now indicate that the purchase option contract is a preparatory contract for the purchase contract which has no positive regulation in our system, being a creation of jurisprudence. Precisely, case law defines it as an agreement by virtue of which one party (grantor) grants another party (optor) the exclusive power to decide whether or not to enter into another main sales contract, which must be performed within a certain period of time and under certain conditions, and may also be accompanied by the payment of a premium by the optor.

In G1. Our lawyers draw up all contracts in accordance with legal regulations.

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Management of the transfer of the community of owners

We will give the new owner all the information about the statutes, regulatory costs according to the horizontal property law, we will contact the administrator of the community on your behalf with the corresponding mandate, we can also represent you in the meetings if you live abroad or cannot go, or if you need a professional to take care of your rights and obligations.

Preparation of transfer taxes and documented legal acts

Property Transfer Tax for housing.

As we have commented, the Tax of Patrimonial Transmissions affects operations like the purchase and sale or the rent of houses.

The passive subject, that is to say, who is obliged to pay it, is the person who acquires the use of the good: the buyer in the case of a purchase-sale of houses and the renter in the case of the rent.

The Tax on Legal Acts:

These are notarial documents: matrices, copies of deeds and notarial acts, as well as notarial testimonies.

In this type of document, the taxable base that is taxed is the value of the property that has been acquired.

Commercial documents:

these are documents that act as payment.

They can be bills of exchange, drafts, promissory notes, bonds, etc., as long as they do not exceed eighteen months to pay the amount.

In each of the types of payment, it must be taken into account who is responsible for paying the tax, as well as other characteristics of each formula, which must be considered when taxing the tax,

Administrative Documents:

these are those related to the rehabilitation and transfer of noble titles, as well as the preventive annotations that are practiced in the Public Registries.

The taxpayer obliged to present the tax is the person who acquires the property or right that is the object of the tax. Also those persons who request the notarial documents, or those in whose interest they are issued

For all documents, the tax rate will be 0.5% on the first copies of deeds and notarial acts, as well as on the preventive entries made in Public Registers.

In the case of bills of exchange, the tax debt is paid by means of stamped bills, according to the scale stipulated by the tax authorities.

Common division, extinction of condominiums

The extinction or dissolution of a condominium is carried out when a situation of co-ownership in a community of goods is to be terminated. …

In practical terms, a condominium termination is requested when a couple separates or divorces and one party transfers ownership of the home to the other.

The action for division of a common thing seeks to end the state of indivisibility in which a property belonging to several commoners is located.

Let’s see what the action of dividing up the common thing consists of.

When a property (flat, premises, land, farm, etc.) belongs to more than one person in ownership, and one of them does not want to continue with that shared property, he has within his reach the so-called action of division of common thing.

By means of this procedure the Court is requested to extinguish that condominium, either by awarding each of the owners (co-owners) a part of the property in full ownership when the property is DIVISIBLE, or when the property is INDIVISIBLE by selling the property and distributing the proceeds among all the owners on the basis of their participation.

It must be notarised and registered in the Land Registry.

Our team of lawyers will advise you at all times.

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G1 Management is also in charge of the

Donations during life, inheritances, successions, widow’s and orphan’s pensions, rights of way claims, overcrowding.

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