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The value of your documentation has never been more important.

In the context of business globalization, contractual relationships are becoming increasingly important and the increase in transnational agreements is leading to a real intertwining of legal systems. Therefore, the need for a valuable legal translation is constantly increasing.


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Our collaborators are sworn translators, certified and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We offer a high quality service that is perfectly suited to the needs of each client in any language.



We value your time very much, which is why we have designed a very efficient working system that reduces project lead times. Our response time is between 24 and 48 hours. Do you need an urgent translation? Talk to us.


Large Volumes

Don’t worry about the volume of text to be translated, we are specialists in large-volume translation. Tell us what you need and we will get to work.


Apostille del Faggio - We carry out all procedures efficiently

The apostille procedure consists in affixing on a public document, or on an extension thereof, an apostille or annotation that certifies the authenticity of the signature of public documents issued in a signatory state of the 12th Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, which abolishes the obligation to legalize foreign public documents that must have effect in another signatory State of this Convention.

Therefore, documents issued in a signatory country of the Convention that have been
certified by an Apostille must be recognized in any other country of the Convention without the need for any other type of authentication.


Notarial testimony

A notarial testimony is the transcription or faithful reproduction, total or partial, of an original document for which the notary appointed by the State of public faith is responsible. A particularly important category is the authentication of identity cards, passports, documents and signatures in which the notary certifies the identity, data of the signatory and the date.

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