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What are the steps to take to apply for unemployment?

To collect contribution-based unemployment benefits, it is important to take into account various factors that can contribute to making mistakes, inconveniences and unnecessary travel.

Below are some of the key points:

Rights to collect benefits

The first thing to consider is that it takes at least 360 days of paid work to qualify for 4 months’ allowance.

Periods can be interrupted, but they must be added to at least that number of days.

The deadline

You have 15 working days to claim unemployment from the end of your contractual relationship, i.e. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays do not count.

If the application is submitted after the deadline, you will not lose the right to the service, but the Employment Service will not pay you for all the days you would have had if you had applied on time and completed the forms.

The necessary documentation

Your DNI / NIE, bank account certificate, family book, company certificate.

More recently, the company or agency usually sends the certificate electronically to the placement service itself through the application for certific@dos.

Another important aspect is that if part-time jobs have been performed in previous years and no benefit has been received for them, these contracts or company certificates must be maintained, so that the administration can account for the aforementioned periods.


At Gestoría G1, with your digital certificate we help you process your unemployment claims.

If you wish to start a business, we will prepare a report on your business project and prepare the application for the tax benefit, called a single payment.


Other relevant information

As a general advice, it is very important to take advantage of the unemployment time for training, which in most cases will be free.

In many sectors, for example, it is necessary to follow an occupational risk prevention or food handling course, so being able to obtain this accreditation is an added value, which increases the suitability of the candidate for the job.

Once unemployment is paid, some events may occur that can affect the service, such as making the decision to look for a job in the European Union.

In this case, the benefit can continue to be paid for up to 6 months while the worker enters the labor market in that new country.

A job offer arises for a certain period of time.

With the acceptance of the contract, the collection of the service is interrupted for the duration of the contract and, at the end of the employment relationship, the collection of the service can be resumed or a new service can be collected in the event of an extension of the contractual period.

Make work and the collection of benefits compatible.

In this case the amount is reduced in proportion to the working hours. For example, if you get paid 1,000 euros per month and start working 30% of the day, you will be paid around 700 euros (1,000-300 = 700 euros)
If a business opportunity presents itself, you can invest unemployment benefit for a one-off business, or combine unemployment and self-employment.

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