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Advice on local taxes and the tax office of the autonomous communities.

Our mission is to provide information, assistance and representation to taxpayers in their relations with the Tax Administration, in order to assert the rights of taxpayers before the Public Treasury in the different tax management and inspection procedures.

Tax Obligations

G1, strictly complies with tax deadlines and calendars, offering the client training – information on their requirements.


VAT is a tax burden on consumption, i.e. financed by the consumer as a regressive tax, applied in many countries and widespread in the European Union, declarations are made monthly or quarterly, on the VAT borne and the VAT due.

ROI intra-community VAT registration

In order to carry out intra-community transactions, i.e. acquisitions and deliveries of goods and services between countries of the European Union (EU), the possession of the VAT-ID number is one of the most important formal requirements.

In this sense, we must remember that intra-community deliveries of goods and services are exempt from VAT only if we have a VAT-ID number or, in other words, if we have previously registered in the Register of Intra-Community Operators, which in turn leads to our inclusion in the VIES census.

The same requirement is necessary so that we are not invoiced with VAT on intra-community acquisitions of goods and services.


Income tax is a tax on the profits of individuals, companies, or other legal entities

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Non-resident income tax

It is important to understand what a non-resident is if you are obliged to file a tax return, so we will say that it is a tax on the income of non-resident individuals and companies that have been obtained in Spain.

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Company taxes

Currently you can get 25% to 15% bonus for the first 2 years if you are the first to activate.

Corporate tax, also known as income tax or corporate profit tax, is a direct tax, of a personal nature and usually of a single tax rate, which is levied on the profits obtained by companies.

Transmission taxes

The Tax on Property Transfer and Documented Legal Acts is a complex tax in force in Spain. It is a complex tax because it levies different taxable events, so sometimes the doctrine divides it into three different taxes: Property transfers and used goods such as any real estate acquisition, vehicle, or boat.

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A tax is a tax whose taxable event consists of the private use or special use of the public domain, the provision of services or the completion of a procedure, private or civil.


The administrative appeal is that administrative act exercised preferably at the request of a party to obtain the modification, revocation or invalidation of an administrative decision, generally when it causes a grievance to the administration both that of tax agency, social security, unemployment benefit or public bodies.

In G1 we have a know-how in the field of appeals clearly formalized in law to defend your interests.


The first difference concerns the right to challenge the act: In administrative or legal proceedings, it is possible to challenge an act not only when it disregards a subjective right of the appellant, but also when it violates a legitimate interest.

Our legal team defends its rights by law.

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We explain to you through our know-how, all the regulations according to the company law.

Incorporation of companies

We are specialized and have constantly updated processes that improve the process of creating your company.

We have experience, we know what we are doing. We work daily, SMEs, freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups, who one day also decided to set up their business, we are here to accompany you in their successes and difficulties.

Continuous and specialized attention, depending on your needs: a whole team of qualified managers at your service and that of your business.

We include all the procedures to create a company and we act as a qualified team.

We are PAE point.

constituciones de empresas 

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Corporate changes

The transformation of societies. The transformation of a company is understood as the change from one type of company to another recognised by law, while retaining its legal personality.

By virtue of the transformation, a company adopts a different corporate type, but retains its legal personality.

Applications for capital, modification of partners, sole proprietorship, mergers, spin-offs, and dissolutions.


The articles of association are the Partnership Contract: the instrument that brings the legal person into the legal life. It is the written agreement between its shareholders that contains the rules that they have drawn up to regulate both their relations and those they will have with the company. The activities and limitations are defined.


A spin-off is defined as an operation whereby all or part of the assets of a company are divided up in order to transfer the resulting part to other companies that already exist or are being set up for this purpose without being wound up. That is, the total or partial dispersion of the assets of the company being divided and their subsequent delivery to other companies (beneficiary companies) so that they can deliver a certain number of shares in exchange for the contribution.

Census / additions / deletions

Census declaration is the document through which the taxpayer communicates to the Tax Administration various personal data with tax implications, such as marital status or address, requests the assignment of the Tax Identification Number (NIF-CIF)

This term is also used in the field of social security in challenge or contribution account.


Dissolution and Liquidation of activities, The dissolution is the legal act that opens the process of liquidation that will lead to the extinction of the company or business as a contract and as a legal or natural person.


Merger of companies. A merger is a legal operation between two or more companies aimed at extinguishing all or some of them and integrating their respective partners and assets into a single pre-existing or newly created company.

Membership records

The resolutions that the shareholders’ meeting adopts, as well as all the circumstances relating to the meeting, must be recorded in the minutes, which become the decisive document from which the events of the meeting can be known. The resolutions that must be recorded in this way because they must be registered in the Mercantile Register are made public, and it is possible to check whether the resolutions have been validly adopted. The minutes of the meeting thus become a fundamental and obligatory document in every commercial company. Through the deposit of the accounting books and the annual accounts.

Annual reports

An annual report is a report on the activities carried out by an organization during a full year. This report is registered with the commercial register and is accessible to the public.


We carry out any legal modification, statutes, societies, contracts in the commercial legal scope.

Our lawyers are at your full disposal for any consultation or expectation.

Preparation of accounting books

We are in charge of the completion and telematic presentation of your accounting books.

  • Journal
  • Inventory
  • Balance sheets

Companies and Entrepreneurs in Normal Direct Estimation.

All companies, as well as businessmen who pay taxes by the Normal Direct Estimation method, are obliged to present their accounting books at the Mercantile Registry of their registered office every year.

The deadline for presenting and legalising them is four months from the end of the company’s financial year (generally the end of April if the financial year ends on 31-12).

Within the legally established period, we will proceed with their presentation to the corresponding Commercial Registry.

Annual account preparation

The financial statements, comprising the balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in equity for the year, cash flow statement and notes, shall be a single document which must be drafted clearly and in accordance with the rules established in the Commercial Code, the Spanish Companies Act and the Spanish National Chart of Accounts.

The purpose of these annual accounts will be none other than to show a true and fair view of the company’s assets, its financial situation and the results obtained by it in accordance with legal provisions. Therefore, the accounting for the operations is based only on their economic reality and not only on their legal form.



A lease or rental agreement is a contract by which one party (the lessor) agrees to temporarily transfer the use and enjoyment of business or real estate to the other party (the lessee) who in turn agrees to pay for that use or enjoyment at a certain and determined price.

It is essential that our lawyers look after your interest, adding the legal clauses for your protection, including in case of pandemics, force majeure and obligations.

Drawing up a rental contract is key to your peace of mind.

Trust in our experience.

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Importation consists of the introduction into the marketplace for consumption of goods or goods (vehicles) coming from outside the national customs territory, subject to the payment of taxes or under the protection of the corresponding exemptions. (Customs Code.)

G1, will inform you of your obligations and corresponding taxes.

Legal acts

The legal act is the declaration or manifestation of will, sanctioned by law, intended to produce legal effects desired by its author or by the parties, which may consist of creating, modifying, transferring, transmitting or extinguishing rights and obligations.

G1, assists you with the preparation of notarial acts, contracts, agreements and the corresponding tax preparation.

Inspections / representation / actions

Every company is susceptible to IRS inspections.

The Spanish Tax Agency inspects and visits businesses in order to fight against fraud.

For a few years now, the number of tax inspections of companies has been increasing.

Therefore, if your company has not yet received an inspection from the AEAT, it is likely that it will receive one in the not too distant future: apart from inspections carried out for signs of errors or fraud, a significant number of inspections are carried out in a totally random manner.

We carry out actions before labour or tax inspections as in state agencies.

In each procedure we defend the legal and fair interests of our clients.


Advice on local taxes and the tax agency of the autonomous communities, in order to apply a methodology of tax optimization for the taxpayer


Contrast and manage information and knowledge in tax matters, through the use and management of tax databases, and other telematic tools to achieve the established objectives


To provide information, assistance and representation to taxpayers in their relations with the Tax Administration, in order to assert the rights of taxpayers before the Tax Administration in the different tax management and inspection procedures


Analyzing the legal and tax reality in order to choose the best solutions to specific problems, taking optimal decisions within the established deadlines


Advice on local taxes and the tax agency of the Balearic Islands, in order to apply a methodology of tax optimization for the taxpayer


Carrying out appropriate tax planning in relation to the transfer of taxpayers' assets and rights, the succession of natural persons or the structure and composition of personal assets


Fulfillment of tax settlements in time and form


To provide taxpayers, whether natural or legal persons, with a detailed analysis of the tax regulations and the interpretation and administrative action applicable to the specific case under assessment


Identify tax liabilities related to improper qualification of operations and non-compliance with formal and material tax obligations

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